Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Sorry :(

Dear driver of the tan-colored car;
I'm sorry I hit your car today on the freeway. I tried to stop, and then tried to swerve really fast, but all to no avail. I had forgotten that it was the middle of rush hour traffic and that there would be so much stop-and-go traffic. But at least we were both barely moving anyway and so all I did was scrape your bumper. You may not even know yet that I did, unless you see red paint there. Anyway, I pulled off to the side of the road and tried to motion you to come over too, but you just took off and so I have no way of redeeming myself for the damage done. I really did not want to be involved in a hit and run but that seems like what happened. Anyway, mr. driver of the tan-colored car, if you are out there, I would like to make amends with you.

Driver of the red car.


jen said...

How scary! Sounds like you did the right thing.

Stacey Gray said...

Wow, I've forgotten what it's like driving in Utah. Maybe he didn't realize that you had hit him. Oh-well, too late now. Glad that your okay!