Friday, October 24, 2008

More Sunday Goodness

After posting about how much I love Sundays, I checked facebook and noticied that there was a fireside at BYU that night for the Brasilian community. Elder Richard G Scott had been invited to speak to them. And, yes, he does speak Portuguese. Anyway, I called my brother who also served his mission in Brasil and asked if he wanted to go. I also invited another friend, who doesn't speak Portuguese but went hoping to get the chance to shake Elder Scott's hand. The fireside was to be held in a large auditorium on BYU campus and by the time we got there (and we were about half an hour early) the whole place was packed! All the seats were taken and the people standing were jammed in. They had also opened another auditorium where the meeting would be broadcast but all the seats were taken there as well. So we just started wandering around trying to decide whether to stay and fight for a seat or just go home. As we opened the door to leave the building, we found ourselves face to face with Elder Scott on his way in. He said hi and asked how we were doing and then went on in. We just stood there and stared after him. It was pretty funny to us, especially since we didn't even stay to hear him to speak.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love Sundays! They are always so relaxing and peaceful. And today was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day. After church I came home, stuck a roast in my crock pot-I was planning on putting in before church so it would be done for lunch but that meant getting up too early-and put a sleeping bag outside on my lawn for a nice nap in the warm sunshine. I know that I have few days left to enjoy warm weather so I want to take advantage of it. Anyway, I am pretty much settled in up here in Sugarhouse now. My job is going well, although it is frustrating at times because there is so, so much to learn and I hate feeling helpless and needing to ask a million questions about everything. I bought a laptop last weekend, which means that I will probably be blogging a lot more just so I can use it. It is so much fun! And I have some pictures to post, but I need to figure out what is wrong with my camera first.