Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just to clarify one point from my last post:
Um, that kiss hasn't actually happened...yet. Everytime I see the snow falling I think it looks so romantic to be out there kissing in it. However, my BF (who spends all day out in the snow) doesn't think that the "romantic-ness" would be worth the cold. He is probably right. BUT he is taking me to dinner at Tucanos Brasilian Grill tonight AND it is snowing today so maybe, just maybe, I can trick him into it!

See? Doesn't that look ROMANTIC?

Ahh, cute!

And this one is called "kissing trees"...I don't know...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Dear Santa,
First of all, thank you for last year's gifts. I have tried hard to be a very good girl this year and I am sure you will agree that I have done very well, although I admit I could keep my bedroom a little less cluttered at times. Now, I know that I previously wrote to you requesting a moutain bike for Christmas this year. Riding along bike trails with my friends sounded like a lot of fun, plus I figure it is a good thing to add to my exercise routine, which is virtually non-existent at this point. I mean, a mountain bike has got to cost a lot less than a double-bypass heart surgery for clogged arteries when I am ninety, right? So I was very excited about my mountain bike. However, several large snowstorms over the past few days have caused me to doubt my original decision. There has been so much snow here lately that I am thinking of buying a snow shovel to scrape my windows after work. And I will soon need a good pair of ice skates if I want to walk anywhere without slipping on the ice and breaking my neck. The one bright, shining light in all of this (besides a good, long kiss while being held tight in the arms of a cute boy with the snow gently falling all around us) has been the electric blanket that I get to come home to every night!! I love it and don't know if I will ever be able to sleep another night without it. So, back to my Christmas wish- I have decided that instead of a mountain bike this year, I would rather have a HOT TUB!

Yours Truly,
Jen :^)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tag

I have had people tell me I need to post more, but honestly, I have drawn a blank as to what I should write about, I stole this tag from a friend's blog:

Christmas tag
1) Candy canes-peppermint or cherry? definitely cherry- or any other yummy, fruity flavor.
2)Gingerbread houses-from a kit or homemade? kinda both, I guess-we just use graham crackers with homemade frosting that never really holds together well.
3)Most annoying Christmas song? I won't lie, they are all starting to annoy me.
4) Favorite Christmas song? O Holy Night or I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.
5) Most memorable present you received as a child? um..probably the nintendo. that's the one we would have used the most anyway.
6)Most materialistic thing you are asking for this year? weight loss-in the form of a mountain bike!!
7)Favorite Christmas movie? "You'll shoot your eye out!"
8) When do you start listening to Christmas music? Whenever the radio starts playing it. I guess after Halloween, but only as a last resort if every other station is unacceptable.
9)Do you believe? That Christ is the reason for Christmas? yes. In Santa? No, but I did when I was a kid and I think it is fun for kids.
10)Do you open presents in PJs or get dressed first? Of course is PJs!! Always have, always will. that is what makes it Christmas!
11) Black Friday? I have done it before, but I'm not obsessed with it.
12) White lights or colored lights? White for the outside of a house and colored for the tree.
13)Ever been to the nutcracker? yep. My parents took us one year and my dad complained about the men in tights the whole time.
14) Does Santa leave an orange in the toe of your stocking? Yep :) and it makes me happy!