Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gripes (just one really)

I am really grateful to have a job--and it is an excellent job; the company definitely respects and values its employees. My gripe tonight is only about the dress code. I can't complain about anything else right now because I have week off and that is exciting. Anyway, the other day, we were in a meeting and I happened to be sitting across the table from a girl wearing a tank-top kind of shirt and one of the "sleeves" was slippping off her shoulder and she didn't ever bother to fix it so I was stuck looking down at the table for two hours. Our dress code talks about wearing nice, professional clothing to work-we aren't allowed to wear shirts with graphics or phrases because they could offend somebody. The dress code even mentions that bad breath and body odor won't be tolerated at work. Sidenote: Could a company fire you on the claim that you showed up to work with bad breath? And how would you explain that in your next job interview? But why, in a professional environment, is there no code in place for modesty? I know, it is just the world we live in, but it drives me nuts. 

 On a happier note, I checked out Gerald N. Lund's new book "The Undaunted" from the Provo Library and started reading it. I bet nobody can guess what I will be doing with my week off....

Also during the past week, I became addicted to an internet-radio show on the mormon channel (located at www.radio.lds.org). This program is called conversations and has a show host interviewing somebody of prominence in the LDS community-they just talk about their life experiences and conversion stories, you know. Anyway, I find other people's life stories fascinating and have learned so much about people such as L. tom Perry, David A. Bednar, and my favorite so far...Herbert Klopfer-he is on the church music committee (wrote the hymn "Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth"), grew up in Germany during Hilter's reign and just has some neat stories to tell. I put these podcasts on my i-pod and it helps me pass the time at work. 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kids will be kids...

Peter and I teach the valiant 10 class in our ward. We enjoy it most of the time, although I can't say that I feel like we really get a lot of spiritual in because we are constantly discplining the kids (things like, "don't step on the scriptures," or, "We don't stand on chairs in the Lord's house,") but the five kids in our class are all good kids and we are learning to love them-and just maybe they are learning to love us, too. Anyway, today we had two visitors-twin brothers-and they were absolutely the cutest boys! We were teaching about Adam-Ondi-Ahman and about the Millenium. After I explained about how people won't die during the millenium, one of these little boys exclaimed, with the biggest grin I have ever seen, "You mean we can just keep making babies?!" It was SO funny. Peter and I couldn't help but burst out laughing!