Sunday, February 8, 2009

I found it!

After looking at four different stores, and trying on a million dresses-ok, maybe that's an exaggeration- I finally found MY PERFECT WEDDING DRESS!! Best day ever! It was a little more expensive than I wanted-but just a *tad* and it really is perfect for me. Love it!

And the best part is that it hardly needs altered at all. Really, it fit so perfectly. They may hem it depending on what shoes I decide to wear. And I had them sew in "push-up cups" so that I don't have to buy a $50 Victoria's Secret bra. Other than that-done! I spent Saturday at the Provo Bridal Fair and decided that:

1)Bridal Fairs are great ways to win free stuff if you talk to all the vendors and participate in all the contests. Someone won a free photo booth at their reception. How cool is that! It wasn't me :(

2)A Bridal fair is no place for somebody in a wheel chair (sorry Amy, for dragging you there)

3)I like all the free food and good deals. We got a 20% discount from the bed and breakfast we booked for our first night; and we rented all three tuxedos for only $150.

4)Utahns are very weird and obsessive over this whole wedding thing.


The wifey said...

Oh how I love weddings. And isn't it amazing how there is one dress out there made for you. I tried on dress after dress but once I tried on *the* dress I had no doubt it was the one!

So excited for you, I am assuming now-- Manti right?

Anna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! Your colors are beautiful too!

jen said...

SUPER PRETTY! Can't wait to see you in it.

Wendy said...

The dress is gorgeous! You will look amazing. I hated the wedding expos, though we did win some free food. I'm so happy for you!