Friday, January 30, 2009

A Washburn Family Christmas

Despite my best intentions, I will probably never get around to doing a "real" post about my Christmas, so I will just post a few of my favorite pictures from the holidays.

My sisters, brother, and I. No, we did not sleep this way, but it is how my mom found us on Christmas morning. I love that Christmas these days is more about being with my family than about findng my Christmas loot, like it used to be. And it is kinda funny how we used to wake my parents up so early on Christmas morning, and now they have to come wake us up! Or at least drag us out of bed.

My dad, his mom, and my mom holding the quilt they made me for Christmas. They made one for all the kids, plus Liz, making six in all and they started in October. And it was a complete surprise for all us! By far, my favorite Christmas gift and the inspiration behind me getting a sewing machine and making a goal to make a quilt for my kids for Christmas sometime in the distant future.

My cute grandma with the temple-bag-on-wheels that my parents gave her. She was so excited about it because she works at the Manti temple and has been saying how cool she thinks these bags on wheels are.

My dad in the leather jacket my mom got for him. Looks pretty good! And definitely the best dad ever!

and here is my new hot tub, er, mountain bike! Which I am very excited for, and plan to use a lot when the weather gets warmer.

Here is Peter, with Conor(the boy he mentors), making a gingerbread house. Actually, it turned out to be a graham cracker army base. Conor is nine years old and he is a boy in every way. I bought a bunch of colorful candies to use in decorating but Conor refused to use them because "army bases aren't colorful-that would help the enemies see them!" and then after we finally got it finished and a few pictures taken, Conor wondered, "Do we get to destroy it now?"

So--that is my Christmas in a nutshell! It was a lot of fun and now that I have posted about it a month late I can finally move on with my life.

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Kristine said...

Nice new hot tub.

Is Paul your fiance? If not who is?

Also I found Nikki on facebook the other day. She is hilarious. She has a blog too. You can check it out at

She was asking about you. I think you were her favorite roommie.