Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gripes (just one really)

I am really grateful to have a job--and it is an excellent job; the company definitely respects and values its employees. My gripe tonight is only about the dress code. I can't complain about anything else right now because I have week off and that is exciting. Anyway, the other day, we were in a meeting and I happened to be sitting across the table from a girl wearing a tank-top kind of shirt and one of the "sleeves" was slippping off her shoulder and she didn't ever bother to fix it so I was stuck looking down at the table for two hours. Our dress code talks about wearing nice, professional clothing to work-we aren't allowed to wear shirts with graphics or phrases because they could offend somebody. The dress code even mentions that bad breath and body odor won't be tolerated at work. Sidenote: Could a company fire you on the claim that you showed up to work with bad breath? And how would you explain that in your next job interview? But why, in a professional environment, is there no code in place for modesty? I know, it is just the world we live in, but it drives me nuts. 

 On a happier note, I checked out Gerald N. Lund's new book "The Undaunted" from the Provo Library and started reading it. I bet nobody can guess what I will be doing with my week off....

Also during the past week, I became addicted to an internet-radio show on the mormon channel (located at www.radio.lds.org). This program is called conversations and has a show host interviewing somebody of prominence in the LDS community-they just talk about their life experiences and conversion stories, you know. Anyway, I find other people's life stories fascinating and have learned so much about people such as L. tom Perry, David A. Bednar, and my favorite so far...Herbert Klopfer-he is on the church music committee (wrote the hymn "Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth"), grew up in Germany during Hilter's reign and just has some neat stories to tell. I put these podcasts on my i-pod and it helps me pass the time at work. 

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