Friday, September 3, 2010

Produce drawer : full!

I went home for an appointment with my eye doctor on wednesday (my eyes changed again. Boo. I'll probably be blind by the time I'm 30) and stopped by my parent's home to spend some time with my mom. Before I left she said I could pick some peas from the garden to take with me. Those are my favorite-fresh, homegrown garden peas eaten straight from the pod. So delicious! Anyway, I ended up taking home a lot more than just fresh peas:

(note: picture is a small scale
representative of a much larger

As I have been savoring all these wonderful fall vegetables, I have decided: one day (when I have a house of my own and I have stopped moving from place to place) I will have a vegetable garden. I, too, will grow yummy fruits and veggies.

Now, to share a memory that just came into my head---we planted a garden every year when I was growing up and to make it fun for us kids, my parents would give us each our very own row in the garden! They would buy us each a packet of "mystery seeds" and we would plant it and weed it and water it and it was so much fun to see what grew! Sometimes flowers, sometimes veggies-you wouldn't know unless you really cared for them and helped them to grow. So fun.

Thanks mom and dad, for teaching me how to work and for sharing your harvest with us!


Brad said...

You won't be blind by the time you're 30. Amazingly, I'm still not blind. We probably both will be by 35, though.

emr and hipaa said...

This is so funny. I was going to take a picture of our fruit and vegetable drawer too so that I could share it on our blog.

The funny part is that Kristine decided it would be great to pour a bag of chocolate candy bars in that drawer so they wouldn't melt in the heat. That's my kind of fruit and vegetable drawer.

John Lynn

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