Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm alive!

Yeah, yeah, so I haven't blogged since October... You would think that with all the time that passed I would have plenty to say, but I find that everytime I think about blogging I don't do it because I have nothing to say. So, my life these past months...

My younger brother, Jake, got married the end of December in the Oquirrh Mt temple, so Peter and I are no longer the newly-weds! It was a snowy day, but lots of fun and we love Melinda!

Coming out of the temple

Waiting for them to come out (cold!)

Dad and Grandma Roxey congratulating the newly-weds.

the ball-and-chain that Brad and Nicole's table made for Jake and Melinda out of their baked potato foil (Whose idea was that anyway? I can see it coming from several people who ate at that table....)

Christmas was great-we spent the day with my family because Pete's family wasn't getting together til a few days later-his sister and bro-in-law were studying abroad in Hungary and we waited for them to return before the party. Peter gave me a "flirty apron" I think he hopes it will motivate me to cook more so that he doesn't have to survive on frozen dinners :)

Lizzy (always the life of the party) examining the contents of her Christmas sock

Scott, Em, and Amy in their Christmas jammies. Cute! Yes, my mom still gets us all matching jammies to wear on Christmas eve. :)

Peter holding up the game we got from my parents. They also gave us a tent-so, you will know where to find us once the weather warms up enough!

The digital picture frame we all gave to my parents (thanks to Brad and Nicole for coming up with the idea and picking it out!) We set it up for her the next day and I could tell she thought it was fun to have shuffle through the pictures on her memory card because she just sat in front of it for a while watching it-and commenting on how she takes so many pictures but never looks through them after that.

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Crozier's Crazy Chronicals said...

Hi Jenny,
Came across your blog, you look amazingly happy btw, and it's so good to 'see' you! This is Jenn Mitchell Crozier. email me sometime and I'll invite you to my blog! Keep in touch.