Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, I still don't have any pictures from the wedding. I am just feeling a lack of motivation when it comes to contacting people about them. I do want to see the video that my friends did, though, but they are in Oklahoma for a while. So here is a brief list of happenings in my life as of late:

-My apartment is still a mess--we are slowly unpacking boxes as we need the items in them.
-I love strawberries! Hmmm..can't stop eating them.
-I officially have three weeks off work because I broke my arm. And at least it happened on work property and while I was on the clock so worker's comp will cover it.
-Peter and I are addicted to the Chronicles of Narnia. Books on CD are great for a one-armed someone who can't do a whole lot and doesn't have much motivation anyway.
-I am almost finished with wedding thank you notes.
-I am excited for the weekend: a Kelly Clarkson concert tonight, family get-together tomorrow night, cattle drive on Saturday. Maybe I will get pictures to spice up this blog a little.


jen said...

Story on the broken arm?
I never sent thank yous from my wedding. oops!
Cattle drive?!

Mark & Marci said...

Look at you, Married Woman! I've lived in my house for over two years and I still have a couple of boxes that never got unpacked. Obviously I must not need the junk in them. How'd you break your arm?