Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seven Days

Tonight is kind of a wierd-feeling night for me. That said, I am sure next Thursday night will be even more wierd, thinking that when I wake the next day I will getting ready to get married. But back to today--I spent the day packing up my room and then this afternoon Peter and his brother came and loaded everything into cars. They drove off with a pick-up truck full of furniture and a car loaded down with boxes. My packed car will be leaving with me tomorrow. How on earth did I accumulate so much stuff?? The crazy thing was when I was packing the food from my kitchen shelves I realized that a lot of it I had hauled up with me six months ago when I moved from St George. Those are obviously items I shouldn't be buying. Tomorrow morning we are moving all my stuff plus all our other furniture (which is being stored at Peter's house) into our new hang out. I am definitely excited to get it all situated and looking like OUR house. That will be fun. Although, I am not very creative so here is a shout out requesting any cute decorating tips!!
After packing, we went to The Pizza Factory. Our bill came to about $30.00, but in the end we only paid a little over $5. Why? Well, we had a buy-1-get-1-free coupon, Peter used a gift certificate he got from getting 2nd place in an ice cream bar eating contest, and then we called and took their company survey for an extra $5 off our meal. Cool. :)

Here is Peter, eating away at his ice cream. It's blurry cuz I took it with my cell phone.


jen said...

Yeah I didn't sleep AT ALL the night before I got married. I probably don't recommend that!

Stacey Gray said...

Yeah, I didn't sleep much either. It is kind of a weird feeling. Good luck, wish that I could be there-I loved your announcement.

Kristine said...

How is the newly married couple? I hope all went well. We wish we could have been there.