Friday, March 6, 2009

Our first pet

I'm afraid Peter and I bought out first pet today. Actually, we bought three of them-little $.28 goldfsh at Wal-mart. Peter is keeping them at his house and so who knows exactly how long they will last. But he already seems quite attached to them-one in particular that I have no doubt will be in our home if it is still alive by then. We bought them because we are going to have goldfish bowls at our reception. Peter was so funny in the store, picking them out just like a little kid. I think he inspected every fish before choosing the three he wanted. And he kept worrying about whether the biggest one was going to eat all the food before the other two got some. Personally, I am glad he is keeping them at his house because I think fish are nasty.
Oh, and I made him come see Twilight with me tonight now that it is in the dollar theater. I just can't justify spending 6-7 dollars on a movie. Not worth it. But back to Twilight; it was good but I really think I liked the book better. I guess I just get into books more than movies. But I did think Emmett was pretty cute in the movie. Peter kept asking me if it was almost over(again, like a kid), but afterwards he admitted to enjoying it more than he thought he would. And tomorrow we are going to the Draper Temple open house! I'm excited. :)


Kristine said...

I hope your fish live. Curtis got a fish from his sunbeam teacher and we told him right away that it probably wouldn't live very long and so every day when he woke up he asked if it was dead yet. The thing loved dirty water but as soon as we cleaned the water it died. Oh well.
We also did fish bowls for our wedding reception. We used betafish because I wanted blue fish. My mom was so happy when all the little kids at the reception wanted to take fish home cause she didn't want them at her house. Enjoy the open house today.

Jordan and Jamie said...

What a cute idea!