Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook copycat

So on facebook there is the thing going around called "25 random things" that you list about yourself. Since I went to all the mental work of doing it on facebook, I figured I might as well post here, too.

1) I have been thinking for a few days about what i could write here and I already can't remember anything I came up with.

2) My work with infectious diseases gives most people the heebie-jeebies; but I love it!

3) I weigh the same as I did in 6th grade. Luckily, I grew taller so I am not so chubby-looking.

4) I have the absolute worst hair in the world.

5) I grew up in a home where 8 people shared one bathroom. How? I don't know...

6) When I get old and retire, I am SO moving to St George-I love it there!

7) The person who invented mint chocolate chip ice cream is my hero and deserves a standing ovation.

8) Celestial Kingdom or bust!

9) I am a book worm- when I was kid, my mom used to ground me from books so that I would have to do other things. Maybe that is why I was a chubby kid, cuz I was so inactive.

10) My favorite sport is Tennis and my least fav is volleyball.

11) My favorite flowers are lilies and daffodils.

12) Any day is a great day if I am wearing fun socks-none of that boring, white stuff. But no toe socks either.

13) I went skinny dipping once in a swimming pool in the middle of Salt Lake City.

14) I would rather not take a shower than have to take a shower in cold water. No thanks!

15) Brasil is my second mother country.

16) Cold weather is the bane of my existence.

17) That said, I love Rexburg, Idaho! But mostly just because it has Ricks College and fun memories.

18) I am actually having more fun writing these than I thought I would :)

19) I am a blog-stalker. So everyone send me blog address so I can stalk you!

20) I flaunt the fact that my family owns a bunch of horses, yet I don't think I could saddle one by myself and, quite frankly, horses scare me anyway.

21) Kids are cute. I want some.

22) My favorite cartoon strip is Calvin and Hobbes. Ha! It cracks me up just thinking about it.

23) I really don't like make-up; I only wear it so that my mom won't nag me about improving my appearance.

24) My morning vitamin pop includes a multi-vit, odorless garlic, and a horsetail herbal supplement.

25) Yesterday I subscribed to the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I'm wierd.


The wifey said...

No not weird, I loved it.
We can move to St. George together but only if you retire very early. I must live in St. George Pronto!

Jennifer Washburn said...

Yeah, I left St George last October. I really should have stayed through the winter. Silly me.

Jordan and Jamie said...

This post made me laugh! And I find it hard to believe that you were a chubby kid...I think your lying!

Stacey Gray said...

What an interesting read. I don't think that I can ever imagine you being chubby either. Infectious diseases make me really excited, how fun for you! Have you come across anything neat lately?

Carli Jade said...

Hey Jenny! You are getting married! I'm so excited for you! Congrats! If you want to email me, I will send you an invite to my blog: