Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love Sundays! They are always so relaxing and peaceful. And today was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day. After church I came home, stuck a roast in my crock pot-I was planning on putting in before church so it would be done for lunch but that meant getting up too early-and put a sleeping bag outside on my lawn for a nice nap in the warm sunshine. I know that I have few days left to enjoy warm weather so I want to take advantage of it. Anyway, I am pretty much settled in up here in Sugarhouse now. My job is going well, although it is frustrating at times because there is so, so much to learn and I hate feeling helpless and needing to ask a million questions about everything. I bought a laptop last weekend, which means that I will probably be blogging a lot more just so I can use it. It is so much fun! And I have some pictures to post, but I need to figure out what is wrong with my camera first.


jen said...

Your day sounds yummy.

Anna said...

I love Sundays too! And blogging more is a good idea...I'd love to hear a little more of what's going on with my good old Jenny-Mango.