Sunday, August 31, 2008


Wow..I'm not very good at this blogging thing. I seem to have plenty of time for reading other people's blogs but just never enough time to write on my own. Maybe that is because writing on my own takes more creativity and brain power than just reading somebody elses. Anyway, many people have been nagging me for months to move back up north to be closer to them and I have finally decided to make the change. After working at Dixie Regional Medical Center for a year and a few months, I went in Tuesday and told my boss that I was quitting. Of course, he and everybody else have here has been trying to bribe me into staying somehow. We decided that I will stay until the end of September. I am starting to get excited for a new job, new roommates, and new adventures-expect for the part about moving to Salt Lake right before winter hits. But I am also very sad about leaving St George. I love it here. I love my hospital and my job and the weather and all my friends. I will miss them very much!

p.s. I was going to post about something I did last weekend but never got around to it. I finally went horse-back riding again! And I did it voluntarily, because I wanted to, which is a huge victory for me because I am pretty much deathly afraid of riding horses. :)


Mena said...

Congratulations on riding a horse of your own free will! :)

Mark and Marci said...

I am still crying because you left us! Florida was wonderful but it was hard knowing what I was coming back to at work. I still haven't set up my blog, but I will-soon. Hope everything is going great for you. I wish you the best, usless it means you'll come back to St. George. J/K (kinda). Let me know how things go for you up north.