Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alma 32 Insights

I guess since today is Sunday I should post something gospel-related. So I will post an insight on Alma 32-you know, the chapter about planting the seed in our heart. But I cannot take credit for this insight because it was shared with me by a co-worked. He just walked up and said, "You know, in the scriptures when they talk about the gospel being a seed, it could be plural-seeds." Then he explained as follows:
He loves gardening. And mostly he plants things that he will harvest and use to make salsa. So he plants many different seeds-onions, tomatoes, different kinds of peppers, etc. that will become parts of the whole in a few months. But if he were to make salsa out of just tomatoes or just onions it would not be salsa. So, he reasoned, let's say the true gospel of Christ is like salsa-made up of many different kinds of vegetables, or doctrines. If all the doctrines aren't present, it cannot be the true gospel. Other churches may have some true doctrines; so they can make something out of that, but they can't make salsa because they do not have all truth, or all the ingredients.
I don't know if I explained that well enough to be understood by anybody other than myself but I thought it was pretty insightful. And I told him that he should bring chips and salsa to his sunday school class next week when he teaches the lesson on Alma 32. :)


Mena said...

He should take chips and salsa- that' s a great analogy! Good job explaining Jenn!

Kristine said...

love the insight, it was a great one. makes me want chips and salsa. i wish i was in his sunday school class. he sounds like a good teacher.

is this guys single? if so you need to go out with him. unless you have another boyfriend you are hiding from me.