Monday, April 21, 2008

The problem with vacations...they always come to an end

In case anybody noticed I haven't added anything to my blog for a while. There is a reason for that-I have been on a cruise!! My sister and I and a bunch of other friends did the Baja Mexico 5-day cruise through Carnival Cruise Lines. And it was a BLAST!! We stopped in Cabo San Lucas (beautiful coast!) and Ensenda (definitely Mexico, it reminded me of Brasil). In Cabo we went snorkeling, kayaking-and I almost killed myself, and parasailing-600 feet above the water, it was great. In Ensenada we did a "taste of Mexico" tour and learned how to make a bunch of different kinds of mexican food. The funniest thing was that we-and a few other Mormons-were the only sober people on the ship and yet most of the time we acted crazier than the drunks. I doubt anybody really believed we were sober...but we did have some good missionary moments with the cute people that we met. Oh, and I ran into a girl who was in the MTC with me. We haven't seen each other since 2004 so that was way fun! I have pictures, too-millions of them-but I don't have my cable with me so I can't download them yet. Now I am back to my life. blah. And I am looking at buying a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. It has 53000 miles. But it has a V6 so it doesn't get the best gas mileage. Does anybody know anything about Aleros? Should I buy it? I just don't know...


Julie Anna Poole said...

Sounds like you had such a blast! I am jealous! There's nothing like a great vacation.

Didn't our good old roommate Michelle have an Alero? Good luck with the car-buying.

jen said...

I want to go on a cruise.

My uncle has an alero, maybe I'll see what he thinks.